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In 2009 Platinum Games for Sega brought a new kind of heroine to the gaming world. While most action play games are very samey 'Bayonetta' proved to be something else.
The director was 'Devil May Cry' creator Hideki Kamiya.
Players of 'Devil May Cry 4' may recognise some of the characters that turn up in 'Bayonetta'. But it appears more in style than intent.
Bayonetta, who bore a striking resemblence to the then American Senator, Sarah Palin, was voiced by Hellena Taylor.
The character of Bayonetta wakes up 500 years into the future with no memories. As the game progresses some memories begin to surface and she begins to realise that she is one half of the balance between light and darkness.
The action takes place in a city in Europe called Vigrid. Bayonetta is armed with four guns called Parsley, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme - collectively known as Scarborough Fair. (Kamiya likes English Folk Music).
Where this game differed from it's ilk is that it was a totally fresh concept. In part it was a movie that involved the player in making all the right decisions and solving problems.
Add to that that Bayonetta moves through three realms - that of light, darkness and inferno as though drifting through parallel worlds. To be honest I had never played a game like this.
For those that liked to get on with the gameplay then the prologue and subsequent cut scenes may have seemed overlong - but the reality is that this was a combo that worked.
If you like 'Devil May Cry' then you'll like 'Bayonetta'. The difference is that you have to think and use everything in your arsenal to get through each level.
Just to add a spoiler - the end isn't and even when the credits roll there are new challenges to face - now you wouldn't want to finish a game and not collect all the unlockables.
However, I did have one misgiving. This game is so different to others that there is the fear that it could disappear into obscurity.
'Bayonetta' on original release was available for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. 
A sequal did arrive with 'Bayonetta 2' only to come out on the Wii.
This piece is revised from the original 2009 piece that I wrote from a blog 'Open Range'

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