Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Forza 6 is a celebration of 10 years of Turn 10's racing game.

To celebrate there are old favourite tracks from Forza 5 and new ones as you race around the streets of Rio de Janeiro; or the circuits at Daytona, Lime Rock and Watkins Glen. The Texan Circuit Of The Americas makes it's debut while Hockenheim, Brands Hatch and Sonoma (formerly Infinion) make a welcome return. Sadly, no Suzuka or New York but then there are plenty of the 'old' club circuits to race.

Cars too, cover the spectrum of Forza gaming and a DLC has the cars from Fast & Furious together with a 'barn find' from the Storm Island dlc on Forza Horizon 2.

The opening sections to the game are as played on the beta except that the first showcase event around The Brickyard is unlocked during the next series.

The career mode consists of 5 volumes divided into a series of 3 types of races and 6 types of car to choose from - so each volume has to be played twice. These games are enhanced by the use of mods - players of the Beta will have encountered these. There are 'crew mods' which means that grip and power aspects can be improved and enhanced; others give the opportunity to gain xp for, say cornering or drafting; while a third choice of card dares you to drive and win with a manual transmission or weight added. Win with a card from all three will give the player the 'Modified' achievement.

Unlike previous Forza games events like Autocross are not part of the career mode as such - but have become 'unlocked' Showcase challenges. Again, in this mode is a nod to previous Forza games where the opponents are those AI drivers met like J.Rossi from Forzas 2, 3, and 4. While main events are against drivatars as before.

Overall Forza 6 brings it's own challenges with night and wet weather driving - so far not seen the two combined (that would be a real challenge). And the graphics are far better than those seen in Forza 5.

The game is almost perfect definately a 9.5/10.
The issues I have is one minor one - and that is the cars in front drive through puddles like they don't exist so don't aquaplane (nor brake) whereas the player does.
The major problem is with timing - come off the track; hit another car or cut a corner the player gets penalised and that's fair enough. But a clean time is also penalised. A check on the scoreboard showed a 'triangle' beside a time that put me in 25,000 odd place but I had beaten the time of a guy who was in 560 place (no penalty triangle against his name). So there seems to be a glitch in the scoring system.

Despite that I rate this game but then I am a touch biased as I like to play Forza.

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