Saturday, 8 August 2015


For the past six months I have tried to find a 'fix' for my Xbox One. Some games just crash with a server error - server timed out - and the next message is that I need an active Xbox Live connection. I do have that connection because my Xbox One says so - there are no problems with either internet or multiplayer connection.

As my main problem was with Call Of Duty games the customer services bloke at Xbox Live was quick to point the finger at the developers Activision. Activision's customer services were really helpful - we went through various steps but none of them worked. Until they took a look at my Call Of Duty account and discovered that Xbox Live had not uploaded my full profile.

Back to Xbox Live who took me through the same steps that I had gone through with Activision but ignored the part where I told them that there was a problem with my profile - and, because I shared the Xbox One with my wife, she was experiencing the same problem.

However, this problem is not confined to Activision games, but with Bungie (both Halo and Destiny had connectivity problems) Microsoft/The Coalition with intermittent server probs on the Gears Of War beta; Microsoft/Turn 10 Forza Horizon 2.

Nor was I alone.

Last night I removed my profile.
All my Xbox One pre-orders have been cancelled.
Not sure what to do next - maybe the new PS4 1tb - the PS4 plays so much better and there are no connectivity issues.
Would I recommend the Xbox One to anybody - the simple answer is 'no' - because the cons outweigh the pros.
And, of course, most of my friends and family have ditched their Xbox Ones for the PS4.

After a long chat with Xbox Live I discovered that the problems that I have encountered are far more common than Xbox owners will admit. It appears that the servers for both B.T. (British Telecom) and Virgin Media have not been updated to cope with the new generation of consoles.

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