Thursday, 6 August 2015


My gamertag is Ryker Frost
If you play 'Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare' or 'Ghosts' then you will have encountered me. There are those who take things at face value and others who are sceptical when they discover my age. Well here I am approaching my 70th year and still playing strong.

 Why HMC? This stands for Heavy Metal Cowboy. It was the nickname given to me by the well respected landlady of a pub that had live heavy metal bands on a Saturday night.
But it is not just heavy metal music that I like - I have a love of that other heavy metal that comes with the V8 roar, gleaming chrome and black leather. I love Harleys but a Triumph Bonneville even better for that bike is symbolic of my youth.

As for the Cowboy part - well the past 65 years of my life have been dominated by my love of the western in films and books and, in regard to books, written a few myself. So don't expect me to trade in my copy of 'Red Dead Redemption' anytime soon.

An idea that I had in mind was to create a blog that encompasses what I like - and dislike - about gaming. Most of those on YouTube like Ali-A and Ashlee Mariee (hope I've got her name right) are young - and there is nothing wrong in that - and I love their enthusiasm. But there are some new 'kids' on the block and that will be the subject of my next blog.

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